Update: The ThemePacific Shortcodes Pro v2 Released. Updated with Latest Tinymce Editor. Further Tweaks and updates will be released later.

ThemePacific Shortcode Pro is a WordPress Shortcode  Manager plugin with simplicity and portability. When you purchase one of our themes, this WordPress Shortcode Plugin will be attached to the download package. You can install this shortcode plugin and use with your any theme without any loss of styles.

Like we said before, we have separated our shortcodes from our Premium WordPress Themes to this WordPress plugin. Many WordPress themes are come up with in-built shortcodes, but they are not useful after you moving to other Themes. That’s why, we have created our Premium Shortcodes as a separate plugin for you.

You don’t need to copy and paste the shortcodes in the editor, just click the shortcode name and the editor will show your desired shortcode in the editor.

Shortcodes Demo Page

Shortcodes Usage

Shortcode usage is pretty straightforward, since this is shortcode manager plugin. A single click will do your job in the WordPress editor.

Shortcode Manager Plugin download

In the Editor click the ThemePacific shortcode icon to get the list of shortcodes. See the screenshot for more info.

Now Choose the shortcode and click your desired option. After that write your content in the shortcode.

For example: When you click the Drop cap > blue option, you will get a following Shortcode.

[themepacific_dropcap color="blue"][/themepacific_dropcap]

Now, Add you Drop cap character like below. Or You can highlight the character and then click Dropcap option to automatically add the content.

[themepacific_dropcap color="blue"]W[/themepacific_dropcap]e are best!

Like this you can add any shortcode in your WordPress blog when using our themes and this plugin.