Frequently Asked Questions

Theme is Missing the style.css stylesheet Error, After Uploading Theme Zip file to WordPress Dashboard

It is not a Theme Error.  Actually, You have been uploaded it incorrectly . You have to extract the Theme Zip file from the Theme Download Package. Then, Upload the extracted zip file to WordPress.

When I try to update the theme I get error ” Destination folder already exists.” , “Theme install failed.”

Just delete the old Theme file in WordPress Dashboard and upload the New Theme Zip file. Now, It will work fine.

Note: If you have done any customization to the Theme, take a backup of the old theme and update the new Theme before Uploading it to the WordPress to Preserve your customization.

How Can I update My Theme?

To Get the latest Update of theme, login to your ThemePacific Account and Download your Theme. Read the above question if you have any problem when installing Theme.

Images are not Displayed in HomePage and Sidebar Posts

To fix this you have to set featured image for all posts.  More Details at Documentation.

Change Image sizes in Slider, HomePage and Sidebar Posts (Images are not fit)

If image is not fit in to your blog, you have to regenerate Thumbnails using this plugin to get exact theme Image Size

Twitter Related Widgets Problems

Since Twitter has retired its API Version 1, You have to follow the rules of the API version 1.1. So that you need to create Twitter Application to access Twitter API with API Key, Consumer Token and secret keys.  Get More Details Here.

Not Found the Answers to  your Problems Here

Head Over to Our Support Forum and ask your questions there, our experts will reply to your questions.

Any Pre-sales Questions

You want to ask any questions about our themes before buy, use our contact form.