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    I see this forum software stripped out alot of the code
    from my copy/paste on what to look for. But I think you will
    be able to find it with what is there. Just be sure to only change
    the one with the R in Read is capped and the m in more is not capped.

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    Sense they won’t answer your simple question, I will.
    To change the Read More text go to
    Then, top right: Select theme to edit – choose Silver Mag Pro – click select
    On the right under Templates click tpcrn_functions.php
    Then in that file scroll a little more than half way down to find this section of code.

    /*– Custom Excerpts–*/
    function silvermag_themepacific_custom_read_more() {
    return ‘… <div class=”themepacific-read-more”>‘. __(‘Dig Deeper & Read more »’,’silvermag’).’</div>’;

    On here where you see “Dig Deeper & Read more” without quotes.
    That is what I changed mine to. Yours before changing will be Read more.
    Don’t worry about the lower case m on more, the codes will cap that one.
    Change to what you want it to read and click update file.
    That’s it, your done. Do be careful to only change the text between
    the ‘ and & leaving those characters in place.
    Hope you see this.
    Best of luck

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    and with that support answer to Donald from Raja I am very close to being completely done with ThemePacific. Over and over all through these support forums, is some one the worst support for a premium product I have ever seen. Some, including me, wait days for an answer to a simple question. and we are the lucky ones, some wait weeks and well, some never get an answer at all.
    In today’s broadband digital world, anything more than a few hours for a basic support question is pushing it. They do have some skills, but are sorrily lacking in the ethics department. and in case they didn’t know, that is what builds loyalty more than anything else you can do.

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    Follow up:
    I got it fixed. Turned out to be the Facebook Insights Code.
    I initially put it in “after page content”
    Trying to find what was stopping the ticker I moved
    it to “before page content” Placing it there stopped
    the ticker completely. Would not scroll at all.
    So I moved the code to the footer. Now the news ticker
    works like brand new.
    Lesson learned: be careful and test when you place
    extra codes in your site.
    Thanks & take care

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