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    Raja CRN

    Hello to Everyone,

    Here, you can get support for your purchased Themes. Create your Support Question with Message and Our support Team will respond to you.

    Before Creating Support Topic

    1. Read the Documentation before asking any support. As Well as FAQ’s section.
    2. Use the Google Search for your queries, you will find the answers for minor and direct questions.
    3. Also, you can read WordPress Codex to know more about WordPress settings and functionalities. The basic WordPress settings questions will not get quick response, since you can get it easily from the WordPress codex. This will save plenty of time for you and Us.

    Create Support Topic

    1. Use the Same Account that you have created for Purchasing our Themes to ask Support
    2. Create Topic Title that related to your Support Question (Short and Simple)
    3. Create New Topic, don’t add your questions in other’s thread.
    4. Also note that, Our priority is fixing bugs in our theme not customization. We do provide minor customizations, which is not our primary task here.
    5. You can Reply to Support Questions Privately by ticking the “Set As Private reply” Checkbox. You and ThemePacific Support Admin only can see that reply.

    Note: Use this Option when you send any Confidential information like Username and Password to solve your issues by our Support Team.

    Warning: Please don’t try to spam the support desk, It will not be published anyway. If you feel that your support question is genuine and marked as spam, use our contact form to inform that.

    Thank you.

    Raja CRN
    Support Admin

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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