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    1) ability to check box like in other Theme options to hide date of post. People stay longer and share more when they Don’t see the info is 2 yrs old (as example)

    2) Sort post ASC instead of Descending. Especially since the theme is based on Categories. Because just like your demo site you write the most important post first. Really should be able to decide between sort ASC or DESC (Would be amazing if that selection was in the Widgets Screen- So it could be different for each widget)

    3) Pic slider color background – Not everybody wants black.

    4) Last but not least (really impt actually) Need a widget box where you can decide not to display featured images at all. I see in the 2 column one you can chose to display only the most recent featured image – which is nice. But there should be more control in the next update.

    & Facebook widgets not working as far as I can tell

    But I really do like your theme I like the speed I just need basic options


    Raja CRN

    Thanks for your feedback. We’ll try to implement those ideas in our next theme update.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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