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    can’t search in media library. this is a huge deal. when I’m looking through images to attach to a post, unless I just uploaded them, it’s a pain.

    is there a way on the front page to check to see if post already exists before it lists it in a block. some of the posts are in more than one category and it would be nice if they flowed off automatically.

    sharing icons on posts don’t work unless you click the number. many people have emailed saying they are clicking the icon and it doesn’t work.

    have no idea what the two numbers at the bottom of the post thumbnail mean.

    is there a new version out. can’t tell what version it’s currently at on your site.



    adding notification setting


    Raja CRN


    We have find the solutions for all issues and will update the theme within two days.
    Thanks for the notifications.



    thanks. how can I tell if it’s been updated. will you update the changelog on the landing page? I tried download the package today but it still looks like the version I have 1.0.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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