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    In Theme Options / Home Settings there is a checkbox to show Homepage Slider Options.
    Selecting to expose the drop down, I have selected “Featured Posts” (a category I created).

    I am lost as to where/how to control the content. I would simply like to REMOVE it as it is a black window with a “page loading” spinner.



    Raja CRN

    To remove the slider from your site, just uncheck the checkbox that will disable the slider. Slider is configured to show the category posts, you are going to select from the options.


    Hi, I would like to place pictures in the slider that link to blog posts. I have gone to Theme Options > Home Settings and clicked the “Show Homepage Slider Options” box. I then set it to a category I created for my only post (test post) but the slider just stays black.



    Mine either, I did the same thing that “consulgranite”, and my slider stays black with a loading gif on it.

    If someone could give me an idea of how to make that works I appreciate.
    Thank you guys.



    I too have problems with the slider. Camera has always been a bit fragile. At first glance the conflicts are with other older pieces of code on the page that use jQuery, including anything that uses Google’s conversion manager code. Probably needs to be rewritten to use its own jQuery name space. I’m just starting by updating to a later version if I can get it though, because I am in a hurry.

    If anyone has a final solution other than what I suspect please let me know before I waste too much time with the debugger.




    Please, help me with slider. How can i make my slider to use only one switch effect?




    I have just bought the iMag Mag Pro theme, and now I find, that the slider is not working….:-(

    I have checked the box in theme options, and selected a category with two posts containing images. I then tried to install the jquery updater plugin, but I still only get the “BSOD” (Black screen of death with a revolving “loading” in the middle)……

    Please respond




    Raja CRN

    Please Create your Support Topic in New Thread. It will be helpful to all and you will be the only person will get a reply. Also, Share your blog link.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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