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    Hej im using BresponZive mag and started editing it because it like to customize it to my own liking.

    Have some small issues I cant seem to figure out.

    Made my own header which is 1172 x 200. which should fit but it looks like its being resized to 1155 x 197 when i look at my page. im using google chrome. In mozzila the image looks right but its being cut off to the right side through the border.

    How do i fix my image so that it shows properly. The image should be exactly big enough to cover the entire width of the header section so that you dont see any gaps on the left or right side but a fluent black line just like the line below the secondary menu.

    Any ideas?



    oh oops i forgot to post my website link.. its



    The top of my page looks great in firefox and IE but in google chrome the banner is slightly blurred and instead of 1172 x 200 its 1155 x 197


    Raja CRN

    In Google Chrome, the logo is perfect with size of 1172 x 200. For more help and support get our BresponZive Pro version, which comes with unlimited support and offer.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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