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    On my homepage I am using Disqus latest comments, via Custom HTML widget.
    The body copy is displaying as black on black and as such is illegible.
    How do I change the body copy to white please?


    Raja CRN

    Enable the Dark Background/Night Mode in Disqus settings. It’ll solve your issues.


    Nope. Still displays as black?


    It’s been over 2 weeks since your last response?


    Raja CRN


    Disqus use javascript to insert content. Sometimes, it won’t work when we use custom css. Since it’s from third Party we can’t change the content. So that We’ve advised you to change via Disqus.

    However, use the following code to change the style of diqus.

    Go to Appearance > Customize > Custom CSS and paste the following code .dsq-widget-item {
    padding: 10px!important;
    color: #fff!important;
    border: 1px solid #4e4e4e;
    background: none!important;



    Thanks very much for that.
    It has the desired effect, except that I need to change the blue for the same red as the rest of the theme? Then it will be perfect.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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